6 months!!

My sweet, sweet boy is 6 months in a couple of days!! I can’t believe how fast it has gone, it only felt like yesterday we brought you home! You have grown into such a handsome, strong little boy and I couldn’t be more proud of you, you’re sitting up all on your own, you’re such a little chatterbox sometimes (I wish I knew what you’re trying to say!), you roll and drag yourself wherever you can and you’re so smart! 

You have slept through the night since you were 6 weeks old, and even though you have two teeth coming through at once, you’re still such a good boy through the night, although sometimes during the day you’re a pain! we give him Bonjela and Panadol for his teething pain, which i find is really good for when hes going down for a nap or bedtime! I do not use it everyday or all the time! I also keep teething things in the freezer with the gel in them which are a god send! They are perfect for teething babies! and he also loves teething rusks, even though they are so messy and get biscuit everywhere! 

He can pretty much feed himself a full bottle too! my smart little man, just gets smarter every day. He drinks around 200mls every feed, and 4 maybe 5 bottles a day, depends what time he wakes up and how much time is between feeds, he also has purée, I make it chunky for him now and he is getting really good! He loves banana and avocado, he will eat pretty much anything though, and he eats a lot, I’m not sure how much I’m meant to feed him but when he gets fussy or seems uninterested I stop, he usually has breakfast and dinner. 

He is also becoming very vocal, making all sorts of noises! I wonder what he is trying to tell me sometimes, is he bored? we have soooo many toys for him I don’t think he can be bored! He also loves Shaun The Sheep, if he’s sooky you can just put that on and he is quiet and he loves it!

Time is going so fast and he’s getting so big, im so proud of him! I can’t wait for the future and to watch him grow up. 


The First 4 Months. 

I’ve already done a post about my birth so I won’t repeat that! Go and check it out if you like 🙂 

My boy is now just over 4 months old now and honestly I’ve been handling being a mother really well, and my baby boy is doing amazing! From 5 weeks old he’s been sleeping through the night (minimum 6 hours) which is amazing for a new mum! Before that he woke up every 2-3 hours which killed me but I managed, every time he had a nap I would too (he would sleep on me). I had help though around the house and didn’t do much to make a mess, as I had a cesarean I wasn’t doing much. The first couple of months was pretty much feeding, sleeping and getting into a routine. 

In the beginning I breastfed but I change fully to formula a while after, I have my reasons. I’ll admit that it was hard and formula feeding is so much easier for going out and about, which was a plus. I had some bad days after I stopped breastfeeding, I didn’t realise how much it would affect me until I already did it but it was getting too much for me, not sleeping or doing anything else pretty much. At the moment he gets 4-5 bottles a day each one 200mls, and twice a day he gets purée. I also have a post about solids if you want to check that out! 

He makes me so proud he rolls over (both ways), he can move around so much on his own (not crawling just dragging himself), he can almost sit up, he just needs more strength, he loves his toys but he puts absolutely anything in his mouth! He’s at the age of pulling my hair even if it’s tied up, he screams the house down sometimes but nothing could ever change how much I love my baby! 

Becoming a mum was really scary, it was always something I wanted to do, but not at 19-20, I was in party mode, and I was the first one out of all my friends to have a baby! I had a few problems along the way and one day I might post about my pregnancy 🙂 


I asked quite a few people when they started feeding their babies solids, some said a early as 2 months! others said 4-6 months, so I decided to start feeding my little boy purée, his first ever one was one bought from the store, now I don’t expect him to like it or even eat it straight away, but he ate some of it but I don’t think he liked it much. Of course I tried a couple of times but still not interested, so that’s when I just mooshed up a banana and he loved it! I now make his purée at home with all fresh fruit and veggies! One day I put up a few of the recipes/ideas I have for his purée 🙂
He started off really well but recently he’s been a bit fussy, he does eat his food but getting his attention off everything else in the room is hard, I turn the TV off, toys away and everything, I’m thinking I need to give him variety now. 

So far he is doing really well! I also buy the Heinz vanilla custard or strawberry and banana custard and he goes nuts for it, and then cries when I won’t give him more, because I won’t give him too much sweet food.

An easy to feed him quick everyday is to make a large amount at a time and store in sealed containers or ice cube trays with lids, or even wrapped up in glad wrap! You can store them for up to 3 months in the freezer or up to 72 hours in the fridge. I usually use all mine in a week as I feed him 2-3 times a day along with 4-5 bottles. I don’t give him a lot of food and usually is after a bottle. 

I love feeding him food and the faces he makes when you give him something new! I feed him in his little bumbo I picked up for $20! Definitely something handy to have around, especially if you can pick up a second hand one! 🙂  

Good Green Stuff

Ever since I’ve had my little boy, my energy levels have dropped, which means messy house, piles of washing, piles of dishes and so on. It’s so annoying when I wake up and feel tired and the end result is me feeling like a bad mum, because I can’t be bothered doing anything, does anyone else feel like this? 

As I watch a lot on the Internet and YouTube, I found something called Good Green Stuff, although I haven’t tried this particular product I did find one in my local supermarket. It’s just powder that you add to either water or your favourite smoothie! Being a mum I need to have the energy to play with my baby and do everything he needs me to do for him! 

I can’t be 100% sure that this is what’s working but in the past 4 months I’ve been so lazy that my house never really gets cleaned, but the past 3 days (when I’ve had super greens ) I’ve had energy to do everything! Clean everything, then I have the whole day to relax or go out! I have changed my diet a bit aswel, I do drink smoothies most mornings as breakfast because I don’t eat in the morning. 

This is it below ⬇️⬇️   

I feel so much better even with just a couple of small changes in my diet!                               Happy mumma + happy baby = happy home ❤️

Also as I’m still quite new to this I’m not sure what to post a lot of the time, so maybe let me know? 💗 xo

birth experience 👶🏻

I’ve seen people share their experience and what they went through when they gave birth, and I thought I’d share mine, it wasn’t great but it wasn’t the worst. 

My baby boy was due September 20th, by then I was pretty big (I’m usually really skinny), I kept thinking he will come soon, but he didn’t, on September 30th I went in to be induced, not pleasant at all, after they broke my waters I started having no contractions almost straight away and they weren’t too bad, a few hours later they started getting really bad (I don’t have a high pain tolerance), I got morphine which was amazing and had the gas but that didn’t do much. I had an epidural a few hours after that and that was heaven. 

After 15 hours they told me I could start pushing, I was so excited and nervous, but after an hour nothing happened so they did an ultrasound and felt around and bub was in posterior position and so they told me there’s no way of giving natural birth and I had to have an emergency cesarean, didn’t effect me much I just wanted him out of me by then! 

I had to be put to sleep for my cesarean, so then I woke up at around 2.20am an hour after he was born, with no tummy or baby which was so weird! That made me pretty sad I didn’t get to see my baby straight away. I then had to wait an hour or so til I could go to my room and see my baby! 

Then came the moment he was in my arms for the first time, I was so overwhelmed I just didn’t know what to do or how to feel. I think it took me a while to feel connected to him, but now we’re inseparable! I did plan on breastfeeding and I did at the start but I lost quite a bit of blood so it took a while for my milk to come in and had problems! but more on that another time! 

 I know have a gorgeous 3 1/2 month old boy, Kayleb, he is my world and he is such a good boy! I’m so lucky to have him 💞 

Friday 15th January ☀️

Today it seems I have a fussy baby on my hands, I think I’m just about deaf. We had an appointment with the Health Nurse, and he is perfectly healthy 👌🏻 weighs 7.6kg and just over 15 weeks old.

We’ve tried just about anything to stop him crying! He chews on his cold teething things for a while then gets sick of them, walk around with him, put him in his bouncer, give his dummy, some water, he’s changed and fed, I think it might be the hot weather or teething, he’s pretty chilled at the moment, thank goodness.

I’m looking forward to having a few drinks with friends tonight once I put bubba down to bed 🍷🍷 

friends or not..

Lately, I’ve noticed how much less my “friends” make an effort with me since having a baby. As I’m the first one, out of my friends and everyone I know, to have a baby it is really hard, I have next to no friends and no mumma friends either. 

Staying at home all day everyday is more tiring than you think! When K (Kayleb) is asleep I’m bored out of my mind, sometimes I colour or mostly I’m cleaning, although I love staying at home with K, I’d much rather have a mumma friend to go out with our babies! 

I’m so lucky to have my partner though as he always comes shopping with me or lunch, but he works a lot too, but everyday I wake up to the most amazing, perfect boys and I couldn’t be happier!